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Rotary is built on fellowship, on the power of people who know one another, who share concerns, cares and laughter. Paul Harris, who is our founder, had a prime basic objective in mind. He wanted to create a place where friendships could be made and concerns could be shared with each other.
From that base Rotary began and upon that foundation Rotary rests. So meeting together is important, no, it is essential. Meeting every week, rather than monthly, or bimonthly is all about the mathematics of friendship.
If you see someone 12 times they are someone you know; see them 24 times a year and they are acquaintances. Meet with someone 52 times a year and you build friendship, people with whom you can share concerns and laugher, with whom you can work and accomplish great things and make a contribution.
What is friendship worth? 60% attendance, is 80% sufficient? Friendships need more than that.