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Who will be the lucky winner?

Meet a few of the entrepreneurs who were at the Pre-Pitch for the Pythons’ Pit at E-Spot. See them in action. Listen to their comments and hear their advice for other entrepreneurs who have decided to “Pitch the Pythons”.

In these videos you see how they are struggling to finalize their pitch. It was the goal of the mentors to help them achieve their goals. That is to be the recipient of part or all of the $150,000. in funding.  Each protégée is determined to succeed, to see their dreams become a reality.

Will one of these pre-pitchers make it to the next round? Check them out; one of them might just be a lucky winner!

Each protégée is launching a major new project,
listen and learn about them and the project they are pitching.


Eric Williams, President of Orange Monkey Media
shares insight into his video game project.

Tolulope Olutunfese is a food scientist.
She shares her secrets as she prepares to launch her baby food
and family friendly variety of all natural, no additives or preservatives sauces.

Kristy Elik is a media expert and a journalist,
she shares her dream of launching a new high end magazine
along the lakeshore corridor with us.

Hailey DeSantis is determined to supply
the very best Gluten Free muffins and desserts for those with allergies.

Lynne Everatt is an author, and is providing the best possible tools for her book’s success.
She is pitching an “App” for Drink Wine and Giggle.

Amal Soliman, brings new and exciting tastes to Canada.
Her tisanes offer tantalizing aroma’s that evoke memories of Egypt and the Pyramids.

Grant Donnelly is introducing a major new IT project, it promises to be a boon to the retail sector.

Lina Demedeiro

Dean Correia pitch is all about safety and security,
he is focused on making it systematic, affordable and industry friendly.

Diana Iaquinto

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