Oakville Jazz Festival

RCOW Beer Garden at The Oakville Jazz Festival

August 10-12

This was our first time at the Jazz Festival; our goal was to sell wine & beer along with hamburgers, sausages & hot dogs. The focus of the event was to raise money for community initiatives.

For an initial event, it was a very interesting time. This was the first time that RCOW has hosted a beer garden event. From the organizing perspective, it meant:

Sourcing product as donations or at minimal costs Picking up, delivering, setting up, and manning the beer garden Tearing down


The committee members and volunteers really made it a great event! Although it was the only weekend on the entire summer we had rain we still were able to make a small profit.  I think the best experience was the fellowship and camaraderie we all had.Working the shifts was fun….albeit wet!  Everyone pitched in and the event was great fun!

We hope to do it again in 2013.

Elizabeth Kamps

Committee Chair – events.